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Movin’ On Up?


I wanted off by apologizing for not posting in a little over a week. Shit’s been hectic to say the least. I started working (yeah!) at Ulta Beauty. I was a little nervous to go back to work, as I have been a stay at him Mother since the middle of 2011. My husband was laid off about two months ago and has not started back to work yet, and it is Christmas time, so now seemed like a good time to start. I have been wanting to break into the beauty industry for awhile now, and Ulta is one of my favorite stores in the world. Stores always higher extra help around the holidays,so I applied. While it is only part time, it helps with money, and I love it. I get to work with makeup everyday, and my co-workers are awesome. Hopefully this leads to eventually becoming certified as a makeup artist.
I have also been busy with Thanksgiving and my children’s’ birthdays. My daughter turned 9 on November 28. I had to go into work at midnight on Thanksgiving and got off at six am on Black Friday. It sucked, but hey, I was off in time to celebrate my daughter’s birthday. My son turns 6 on December 11. Obviously, money is EXTREMELY tight the last couple of months in the calendar year.
As an addict in recovery, I find that staying busy is important. Fuck, it is vital, imperative to my sobriety. Boredom is one of the most dangerous things to a drug addict. Of course the first struggle is to get to the point where you are not waking up puking all over yourself, drenched in cold sweats, twitching, rolling around trying to get comfortable with shooting pain in your back, and restless leg syndrome. The mistake that people tend to make is that once the ills are gone they think that they are “cured”, that they are no longer an addict. Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way.
When you are in active addiction, you spend the vast majority of your day either getting high or doing activities that are somehow related to getting high (boosting, hustling money in some sort of way, trying to cop, ducking the police, etc). The immense amount of time that is freed up when you sober up is nothing to play with. You truly do not know how to fill your time. Often, you end up getting high, simply as something to do.
Of course, it is a good idea to stop hanging out with the people that you were using with, but sometimes people think that as long as they cut ties with their “get high@ friends, then they are safe. This does nothing to account for the devil that is within all of us. It sounds so cliche, but your addiction really does want to kill you. It will constantly try to trick you into thinking that getting high to relieve your intense boredom won’t hurt anything. Honestly, it might not hurt anything, that ONE time. The problem is that is very hard to keep it to that one time, and getting high daily WILL hurt.
Having something to do is the number one reason why I am so thankful to have gotten the job. The fact that it is in a field that I love is just a cherry on top!


Oh, Make Me Over


“Oh make me over/ I’m all I wanna be/ A walking study/ In demonology” – Hole “Celebrity Skin”

I mentioned that I am trying to become a makeup artist. A friend of mins who owns a wonderful company called “Blend Make-Up Artistry”. She told me the best way to break into the business was to get a job at MAC, Sephora, or Ulta. They can certify you, and then a company similar to hers would hire you. While a company such as MAC will teach you and certify you, you need to have a fairly knowledgeable foundation. I already have this, but I have been working on knowing everything.

I am a stay at home mother currently. I do looks from Kevyn Aucoin’s books, “Making Faces”  and “Face Forward” in myself and my daughter. She does not share my love of makeup. The only time she wants her makeup done is for Halloween, when she is a different Monster High character every year. I have also been re-creating looks that I find on YouTube or sites such as “BeautyBybel”.

“When I wake up/ In my makeup/ It’s too early/ For that dress”

My love of makeup goes far beyond a possible career opportunity. Beyond making myself look pretty. I love the ritual. I love being able to turn myself into different versions of myself with the flick of a cat-eye liner, or the application of a pale pink lipstick. I find it liberating that I can be a sweet, demure stay at home mom, a sex-pot diva, or a goth princess. I can be Madonna, Cher, Marilyn Monroe, a swinger, an ingenue, a bombshell, or a siren.

I have been contemplating the idea of selling Mary Kay or Avon while I am a stay at home mom. This would enable me to earn some income, procure more contacts in the cosmetics industry, and have some work experience that is in the make up field. (I have plenty of work experience, but none in this field).  I tend to lean more towards high-end brands, so Mary Kay would probably be more in line with what I would be looking for. Any store I work at, I would be a salesperson. Yes, you do makeovers. And show women how to achieve different looks, but it is all a tool to sell the products. Being a Mary Kay saleswoman would look good on a resume.

I am into the idea of showing women how to liberate themselves by putting on some lipstick and eyeliner. At the end of the day. It doesn’t matter if society finds you beautiful. If you think that you look good, you will have an air of confidence that is immensely sexy and can not be destroyed.

Go Eagles! Game day makeup
Go Eagles! Game day makeup