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I wish that you could see

Deep inside of me

All of the pain

And all of the hurt

That you have caused me

I wish that you could know

Everything that I think

But am too afraid to speak

 Maybe you would change

Maybe you would care

Or maybe you already know

And care too little

To even pretend



I can see your fire burning
Open your eyes
And I’ll show you mine
Reach into your deepest corners
Bring about darkest desires
Oh baby, oh baby
I’m much darker
I see you everywhere I go
Far back in the recesses of my dreams
I know that you are there
I never knew the flames inside me
Could burn so hot
You bring about my pain
My pleasure
Everything that I never knew I wanted
You’ve got my heart with you
Did you let me hold yours too?
Burn through the night
With me
Will burn out together


Looking at you

Looking at me

Wondering what it is that you see

Standing on the cliff

Unraveling layer by layer

Till it is just me

The ultimate striptease

Can you even see me?

Have I ever really seen myself?

Can anyone ever see anyone?

Taking it all off

Down to the bone

I am naked

And you are covered in full armor

I showed you me

Will you show me you?

How different do I look

In your eyes

Versus mine?



Turn off the lights

And pull down the blinds

The blackness comforts me

I black out the windows

I can not bear to see the sun

It shines on me

Accentuating my sorrow

Contrasting the bleakness in my heart

Highlighting my disparity

Keep it as black

And as dark as my soul

I need the quiet

To sort out the voices

That are in my head

They are way too loud

I fear what is out there

I fear what I might do

I’ll stay here instead

Safe, quiet, and alone

In the dark

In the black

With every step

And every day

I move closer to the edge

Farther from safety

Looking for a reason to jump

The harder I pull

Against the tides of monotony

The stronger it grasp a hold of me

Every time I reach towards happiness

The darkness consumes all of me

Pushing me back

Deeper into the blackness

The faster I run towards the brink

The farther away the light gets

And at this point

I don’t know if I will ever get there


I guess we were both lied to

No one mentioned that I was a chick

While I wasn’t told that you were a dick

So hard to comprehend

Intelligence like that

On a woman?

I know, I got the memo before

Dumb it down

Pretty it up

Don’t be too aggressive

No body has time for that

Won’t get anywhere

Running your fucking mouth

But not me

I won’t be quiet

I won’t be meek

Here I am again

All alone in the boy’s club

And so rude was I

I didn’t even knock

I busted in the fucking door


I hold the devil

 I stare at him in my hand

“Let me fuck you one last time-

And then we’ll be done” he says

I am weak and I give in

Cold, sharp metal

Poking, prodding, searching for blood

And then it finds some

Instantly I am done

Wraped back into

A world of despair

And I, so smart but yet so fucking stupid

To let him trick me everytime

How many times before we learn?

Before we let him grip our throats?

I cry, ashamed at what I have become

And then I drift off to sleep

Never Again, No More

You burn inside of me

Pulsating deep, deep within

What makes me feel great

Makes me feel alive

Kills me slowly

And maybe, one day, it will kill me instantly

I am drowning in the water

You bubble up to the surface

To offer a life line

I draw you up

I push you in

And you become my master

You tie me down

You want my soul

You will not stop until I’m dead

Pull at me with your death tight grip

As I break away, you try to grab me

Hold me back

I will never forget you

Or the hold that you had on me

Always, forever

I am your slave no more

You have tricked me before

I came back

I thought that you were different

But there I was

Back in bondage

 But never again

You will control me NO MORE