I walk through fields

Fields of pain and glory

He is like an angel

Crippled and fragile

This is too much for me to handle

I have changed

And he’s turned bitter

I’m tired of pretending

I can not do it anymore

Wipe the smile off my face

My happiness died with you

I am far too broken now

I am beyond repair

You left me here, alone

Now there is not a thing about which I care

I still cry for you

Screaming, begging to the heavens

Pleading for you to come back to me

I’m all alone

They’ve all left now

They got bored

You have long since been forgotten

All the stars still weep for you

Their tears rain down

I have been wilted

My petals are torn, ripped to shreds

Do you still love me?

Or is the answer what I dread?


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